Saturday 4th June
9:30am - 11am - 12:30pm - 2:00pm - 4.30pm - 6pm - 7:45pm - 9pm - 11pm

Sunday 5th June
10am - 12pm - 1.30pm - 3:30pm - 5pm - 7pm - 8.30pm - 10:30pm

Permanent exhibits:

Virtual Reality:
The worldwide premier of Pornhub’s VR tech. An experience you won’t forget.

A NYCPFF commissioned a live 3D pornographic body mapping spectacle!


Kindly sponsored by our friends at
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Saturday June 4th - FREE SCREENING
9:30am: Official Selections

A selection of submitted shorts from the open submissions:

World Premier Antonio da Silva 'BRAZIL MIX'
Ms. Naughty - Dear Jiz
Krefer - Fonte Invertida (Inverted Fountain)
Leah Shore - BOOBatary
Vómito Cósmico - Dulce Bebé Jesús
Vijay Patel - Coming Out
Joey Kim - Frequency Wave
Mr.Wednesday - NIKOLAI
Michael Beard - Glass Casket
Joseph Mauro - Foul Mouth
Alexei Dmitriev - The Shadow of Your Smile
MEOW MEOW - Les Club des Hashischins

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Saturday 4th June
11am: Treasure Island Media

Screening of Ryan Sullivan’s ISLAND (2008).

Treasure Island Media (also known as TIM) is a U.S. gay pornographic studio founded in 1998 by Paul Morris that was the first commercial producer of and specializes in bareback films as part of the emerging 1990s underground interest in the pre-condom era of gay porn. In 2008, 24 year old Ryan Sullivan set out from his Nebraska hometown with Hollywood aspirations. Instead he found himself in San Francisco, making a documentary about a porn company. Paul Morris presents Ryan Sullivan's acclaimed and shocking exposé of Treasure Island Media.

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Saturday 4th June
12:30pm: Women in Porn - Empowerment through Performance
*featuring a live webcam performance the panel by Ricki*

Katie Rex curated panel will explore the importance of pornography in feminist culture and its positive affirmations in the lives of the performers and viewers. The curated group of speakers will span a slew of experiences, genres, and backgrounds. A focus on topics such as breaking into the industry, dominant/submissive roles, interpersonal boundaries between performers, personal mission with-in the porn industry, and the future of porn, will be explored throughout.

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Saturday 4th June
2:00pm: The Social Sex Revolution

MakeLoveNotPorn.tv: The Social Sex Revolution

Socializing Sex with MLNP.tv CEO, Cindy Gallop 15 mins

In a world where social media platforms accept that men have nipples but not women, won't allow visuals of breastfeeding despite the fact that we all started life doing it, and kick you off for any form of sexual self-expression, while porn dominates the internet - somebody had to take a stand. MakeLoveNotPorn is building a whole new category on the internet - social sex. Now you can celebrate your relationship on Facebook and share the great #realworldsex you're having on MLNP. You can post great selfies on Instagram and share yourself masturbating on MLNP. Cindy Gallop talks about how the MLNP team is breaking down the final social frontier to be as transformative for our #realworldsex lives as sharing everything else socially has been, to help make it easier for all of us to talk more openly and honestly about sex, and to ensure that everyone can be 'Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.'

What does it mean to ‘curate’ #realworldsex? 15 mins

Madam Curator, Sarah Beall, and Assistant Curator, Ariel Martinez, have access to what most couples and sex therapists never get to see. We see real human connection occur through #realworldsex multiple times throughout the course of the day. We hear the pillow talk. We see people grow. We watch couples try new things and we see our MLNPstars integrate filming into their day-to-day sex lives. Allow us to walk you through the MLNP.tv curation process and introduce our amazing MLNPstars and their videos!

#realworldsex screening 40 mins

Selected with care and shown with permission from our MLNPstars, this 40 min program showcases everyday people having sex the way they like to have it in their everyday lives. From #cinematic to #contextualized to #comical to #carnal, these videos highlight both MLNP.tv's diversity and its commitment to celebrating the #messyawesomehumanness of #realworldsex!

Special thanks to Jessica Nelson for her editing skills and to our MLNPstars for allowing us to screen their videos.

About MakeLoveNotPorn.tv:

makelovenotporn.tv is of the people, by the people, and for the people who believe that the sex we have in our everyday life is the hottest sex there is. We are not porn - porn is performance (often an exceedingly delicious performance, but a performance nonetheless). We are not 'amateur' - a label that implies that the only people doing it right are the professionals and the rest of us are bumbling idiots. (Honey, please.)

We are pro-sex. pro-porn. pro-knowing the difference.

We are #realworldpeople, #realworldsex, #realworldfeelings, #realworldrelationships, #realworldbodies, #realworldhotness, #realworldeverything.

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Saturday 4th June
4:30pm: Anthroporncene.

Excerpts of porn films from the oniric " Turn On" with Al Parker, to the extreme, experimental, documentary fuck-portraits of men by Christopher Rage: " Sleaze", " Fucked Up, " My Masters”... Quote from Paul Morris: “the idea that most interested Rage was that of the animal inside each man.. Uncovering and awakening the animal ..was both the intent and the result of what Rage called “sleaze”.
Anthropological porn as in " Les Gitans aka Balkans Connection ” and "Game Over 2" from the director Jean Nöel Rene Clair,who was sentenced to one year in prison for persuading men to fornicate in Bulgaria in 2010.

DIY and amateur porn like " Dead Nude Boy", nude death fantasy in the wild, and Tristan Rehbold Private: amateur exhibitionism, edgy and personal videos on Vimeo, Tumblr, Cam4 or private playground.


Sleaze. 1982. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.

Wildside. 1984. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
My Masters. 1986. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
Preview Tape 2. 1986. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
Fucked Up. 1986. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
Queer The movie. 1990. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video. Live Video Inc.
Master Hyde. 1988. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
Spank. 1990. Christopher Rage. Spunk Video.
Abschaum - Scum. Frank Ross. 1991. Live Video Inc. ( Pacific Sun )
Les Gitans aka Balkans Connection. 1997. Jean Nöel Rene Clair. Clair Production.
Game Over 2. 2009. Jean Nöel Rene Clair. Clair Production.
Hanging Execution. Dead Nude Boy Tumblr.
Drowned at the river. Dead Nude Boy Tumblr.

Oskur Garzia. Madrid 1978.

Documentary and porn filmmaker. Video junkie. DIY sleazy politics.

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Saturday 4th June
6pm: AK Burns & A.L. Steiner's Community Action Center

Is a 69-minute sociosexual film, which incorporates the erotics of a community where the personal is not only political, but sexual. This project was heavily inspired by porn-romance-liberation films, such as works by Fred Halsted, Jack Smith, James Bidgood, Joe Gage and Wakefield Poole, which served as distinct portraits of the urban inhabitants, landscapes and the body politic of a particular time and place. Community Action Center is a unique contemporary womyn-centric composition that serves as both an ode and a hole-filler.

Because the video contains sexually explicit content, the term ‘porn’ is relevant and the artists have an interest in exploring the trappings of the term itself.

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Saturday 4th June
7:45pm: Film/Performance
(North American premier: Amalia Ulman ‘International House of Cosy’
World premier: DADDY music video (Tim O’Keef & James Franco)
w/ Kristin Smallwood, Grottie Lockett & Bonnie Lane


‘International House of Cozy’ is a film by Amalia Ullman in which she takes her research into the boundaries of authenticity and consumerism to the extreme. The title also refers to a feeling of coziness and ‘home’ as marketed through lifestyle blogs and websites such as Airbnb. The film uses porn as a tool to legitimize a visual aesthetic while transforming it into a categorized fetish. In this case it'd be hipster culture as image void of meaning: as the commercial corporate beast it has become.

Grottie Lockett is a sudo-name the artist(s) have created a fictional character inspired by the 'reality tv' blueprint careers of celebrities such as Paris Hinton and the Kardashians, via. working class London. There is no aspect of Grottie's existence she isn't willing to commodify. Already lending her name to a range of products including her own range of limited-edition hoover dust, soiled pants and pink glittery mouse traps.

Kristin Smallwood is Kristin Smallwood is a multimedia artist currently residing in Brooklyn. Her work focuses on sexuality, humor, and the objectionable.

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Saturday 4th June
9pm: FinDom’s present Financial Domination

NYC’s premier #FinDom’s will curate & introduce 45 minute selection of clips/scenes of financial domination. Featuring live demonstrations with submissives, to teach the audience how it’s done. Not to be missed!

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Saturday 4th June
11pm-5am: NYC Porn Film Festival: After Party
w/ ALIEN ALIEN (Rodion & Hugosan), Katie Rex, Ryan Smith & Secret guest (100% Silk) HOSTED BY: RON JEREMY!

Flying in from Rome & Berlin, The shadowy side project of Hugosan & Rodion reps Dark disco, voodoo howls and electro primitivism. They dropped onto the radar with there underground hit "SAMBACA". The perfect soundtrack for a sleezy summer night in the city. Supporters include: The Hacker, Justin Robertson, Massimiliano Pagliara + special guests from 100% Silk. Taking cues from more european style sex clubs, we bring a queer playground of debourchery.

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resident advisor.

Sunday 5th June
10am: Pornstar Dale Cooper presents PIRACY!

Yo Ho Ho! There is no more popular phenomenon in contemporary pornography than piracy. To celebrate this, I am happy to bring to the NYCPFF a specially curated selection running the gamut of tastes and media styles all centered around this one idea. Featuring selections of everything from the largest budget pornographic film ever created, to anime, to extremely bad puns, come and enjoy all things pirated in this screening!

Clips from:
1. Captain Lust (dir. Beau Buchanan; 1977)
2. Pirate's Booty (dir. Wendy Crawford, dist. Adult Source Media; 2009)
3. Space Pirate Sara (dir. Sadayama Beam, dist. Pixy Soft; 2008)
4. Pirates! (dir. Joone, dist. Digital Playground; 2005)
5. Pirate Party Election 2011 (dir. Oskar Elmgren, 2011)
6. The Revolution is My Boyfriend (dir. Bruce LaBruce, 2004)

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Sunday 5th June
12pm: Bike Smut

Bike Smut is an erotic bicycle film festival in its 9th and FINAL year of touring. The theme last touring program is: "Science Friction" Our movies cover a vast array of science fiction-based porn: interracial alien orgies, power-tool wielding lesbians, Mexican post-porn saddle squirting, polybikesexual queer trans babes armed with dildo flamethrowers, hunting for a mate in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and time traveling sex missionaries!

The only way to see the Bike Smut Film Festival is when it plays for a live audience. The various artists' interpretations about what is great about sex and cycling are creative, clever, funny, and aware! Bike Smut has never been just a single person's vision, rather, a coalition of the horny bring this synthesis of transportation and sexuality to life.

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Sunday 5th June
1:30pm: Antonio Onio's Loose Holes

From the artist:
“As an artist, I am interested first and foremost on evoking sensation.

Through pornography, which is in itself an art form so many times underused in its potential, sensation is suggested through stimulation of our most repressed human instinct : sexuality. The perverted game between both of them is the fact that new technologies and digital information are used to stimulate something that is inherent to our nature.

Thus, it is my opinion that pornography should aim at awakenings of sensation and thought process, and not only be an instrument for us to get off. It is politically and socially charged with all the choices of the pornography maker, and it plays (aware or unawaringly) a major force in the struggle against the patriarchal culture.

I have made a selection of works from artists that I believe push through the boundaries of pornography and actually end up exponentiating the potential of itself.

In the presentation Antonio Onio will present the movies in the form of a salon, embodying his Facebook online Goddess, BabyHay.”

Pindaros Andriopoulos MERCURIO

Pindaros Andriopulos is a greek artist based in Germany that creates art that questions art itself , full of humor,and depicts the world by simply framing image to what is actually there. He can be found in Cocktail d'amore party every month, creating beautiful visuals
DSC001 Discaire Homophonic Recordings
Official video for the track, shot at Basso Berlin, on a freezing, snowy Sunday.

Running time: 4:44
Year: 2012


Viewers watching may wonder what all the fuss is about, but will quickly realize that it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. There is a tremendous amount of nudity: there is very explicit gay, lesbian, and straight sex, kinky sex, and a grand orgy complete with dancing Roman guards thrown in for good measure. The film is also incredibly violent and bloody, with rape, torture, and mutilation the order of the day. In one particularly disturbing scene, a man is slowly stabbed to death, a woman urinates on his corpse, and his genitals are cut off and thrown to the dogs.

Year: 2012
Running times: 2:42 / 4:36 / 2:53

Antonio Da Silva / BEACH 19

Without a single word BEACH 19 manages to speaks through images what happens in Portugal’s most famous gay beach. Just twenty minutes outside of Lisbon it is widely known for its gay cruising action. Facing the Atlantic Ocean BEACH 19 is a paradise for nudists. For many gay tourists seeking relaxation this is the ultimate place for sea, sun and sex.

The camera captures the scenery and the hook-ups leaving you with a wonderful after taste of a hot, HOT Summer.

Camera, Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editors: Miguel Pho, Rui Oliveira and Miguel Conceição
Year: 2014
Length: 13:19

Samira Elagoz 4 kings + The Ukrainian
The Ukrainian

The film Four Kings is the first short film made by Samira Elagoz. It is a non-budget documentation of what she experienced with strangers who answered her ad online: “READ ME! I’m a 24 year-old girl making a short documentary film. I’m looking for strangers. The concept is that I meet you at your place and film how we get to know each other. We handshake and the camera is on the table for both of us to use. Msg me if you want to meet :)”
length: 24'00 / 4'30

Manu Schei + Gelitin I LIKE MY JOB
Year: 2015
Length: 9'00

Antonio Onio/ Soren Drastrp / Ofelia Ortega/Ivan Rueda /Manu Schei DESEXUAL

Shot in Biel for the festival Body + Freedom, Desexual is an attempt to desexualized sexual actions such as having sex to a simple structural mechanism of acrobatics. It also explores body exploration through a selfie stick

Year: 2015
Running time: 6'00

Mikka Gro Nielssen SKETCH

I recently read an article about Gary Hills piece “Tall Ship” from 1992 and was inspired by his way of using the moving image in a real-life action. I would like to make a piece of work with this parallel reality that arise. The media makes it possible to distort reality in editing. It is very few tolls that have to be used to make a recording of something real unreal, but then when you at the same time puts it in a context of something happening right now, you experience a kind of gap in experience between the video and act - as the video subsequently become part of. However, it is reality in the most literal sense. A kind of impression of reality. Two or more layers wherein one or more of them are a kind of "virtual reality". As in Gary Hills works, I am attracted by the emphasis it puts on human relations and whoever is in the middle. The space linking all these things together in a relationship. My contribution to the porn-film-festival 2016 will be a mix of performative elements and moving images (final work will be one or two videos). Based on my own physical limits to explore boundaries and fantasies of the viewer.

Year: 2016
Length: 5'00


Queer , sexy, self destructive, apocalyptical – welcome to Berlin's underground gay world. In this movie, Oskur Garzia adapts his porn movie and cuts all sex scenes, giving us what's left- a place of nothingness where apocalypse lurks but it is not the end...it is just the beginning.
 In Collaboration with Antonio Onio, Oskur has removed all the sex scenes from this edit and the question lingers: what is more enticing about the scene? The guys having sex or just the arousal of senses through the suggestion of sexual encounters?

Year: 2015
Length: 10’34

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Sunday 5th June
3:30pm: Iron Lady

Iron Lady, the bimonthly Greenpoint comedy show curated and hosted by Max Bernstein, makes its debut at the NYC Porn Film Festival for a special, sleazy, all-pornography themed edition. A topic that’s always ripe for exploration, six of New York's funniest comics from all walks of life will share their best stories, memories, and monologuesabout their perceptions, and interactions with porn. The sets will befollowed by a short panel discussion with the comedians, moderated by Bernstein, about how various facets of pornography has influenced their work.

The line-up features stellar stand outs from NYC’s comedy circuit including Erin Markey (Time Out NY Top 10 Cabaret Artist), Myka Fox(This Week In Jackin' Podcast; SNL “Weekend Update”), Bowen Yang(Brooklyn Magazine's “50 Funniest People;” Broad City), Kenny DeForest (Brooklyn Magazine's “50 Funniest People;” Comedy Central's Comics To Watch), Rae Sanni (Buzzfeed; 2 Dope Queens), Jes Tom(Caroline's) and others.

About Iron Lady
Iron Lady began in June, 2015 by host/curator Max Bernstein as an openplatform that cultivates a diverse cross section of comedians, improvperformers and performance artists who present authentic incisive works about race, gender and politics.

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Sunday 5th June
5pm: The Golden Age of Porn
with Ron Jeremy & Gerry Visco

Gerry Visco performer, writer, photographer, nightlife host and club kid, will be curating and hosting a segment for the NYC Porn Festival dedicated to the golden age of porn during the 1970s and 1980s by showing a film she was cast in called “Joy.” It’s hilarious, sexy, a bit politically incorrect, and a full-length excellent porn flick starring the phenomenal porn star Sharon Mitchell and directed by Harley Mansfield in 1977.) Starring a young Sharon Mitchell as the titular character who is sexually assaulted, then Joy gets inspired and goes on a man-raping spree, although can’t rape the willing and these men are ultimately very willing. Many other women in NYC are inspired by Joy and go around “raping” men who enjoy every moment as well. “Joy” was named the top porn flick of the year by the late Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw Magazine. She will talk about the film and what it was like to act in porn during those days.

She was also Al Goldstein’s personal assistant in 1980 and met the pornography icons that Goldstein worked with including Ron Jeremy, Robin Byrd, etc. and took frequent phone calls from Hugh Hefner from Playboy Magazine and Larry Flynt from Hustler Magazine.

The crew and hosts from the late night TV cable porn talk show Midnight Blue were also housed in the office with Screw Magazine. Midnight Blue ran from 1974-2003 and was described as “late-night cable's most depraved cavalcade of politics, pornography and perversion hosted by controversial Screw Magazine publisher Al Goldstein.”

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Sunday 5th June
7pm: Daliah Saper (Entertainment and First Amendment Attorney) presents Revenge Porn

The term “Revenge Porn” made headlines recently when hacked, nude photos of celebrities like Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel Kate Upton were widely disseminated online. The vast majority of revenge porn cases, however, involve victims of a jealous or vengeful ex -the once-married individual, the college coed, or the high school teen.

Saper Law will join the NYCPFF to discuss some of the technical and legal hurdles that victims of revenge porn victims face in prosecuting defendants. For example, many offenders upload these images and videos anonymously, using proxy servers to mask their identities and IP addresses. Once online, such content can go viral, circulating in and out of subreddit chains, BitTorent files, and other impossible-to-control downstream distribution networks.

Even when the individual offenders’ identities can be discovered, moreover, federal and state law often falls short of offering meaningful relief. This has led victims to take matters into their own hands, for example in Brooklyn last year girls made posters of there exes & post them on lamp-posts warning other girls of them, which was amazing and scandalous.

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Sunday 5th June
8:30pm: Furrie culture & sexuality

The subculture of Furry involves anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. There is a huge community of people (mostly male) who gather on the internet and at furry conventions where they dress in full furry costumes most often resembling wolves and bears.
The concept of Furry was officially created in 1980 when a character drawing from Steve Gallacci’s Albedo Anthropomorphics started a discussion at a science fiction convention. Fans consider the origins to be as early as 1965 with Richard Adam’s novel Watership Down and Disney’s Robin Hood being important examples. Sexuality within the Furry community is a polarizing issue with less than half of the fans reporting sexual attraction as important in their Furry activities and a majority taking a negative stance towards zoophilia. However Furry is generally viewed as having a quality of sexual perversion, with Furry porn and cyber sex being a huge part of the culture.

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Sunday 5th June
10:30pm: UNKEMPT curated by Alfred Bruyas

Unkempt collects pornography by video artists united by their use of noise and mess. Together they represent sex as effluvia, noise, wrestling, stomping, struggle, and laughter. Curated by Alfred Bruyas.

Porn Gutting Ginny Benson 2014 (4:14)

Ginny Benson is a multimedia artist the uses found footage to create unsettling works. Her contribution to the pornography genre is grotesque, hilarious, and demonstrative of the joys of media manipulation.

Vamping: Part Three - The Provisional Adoration Zefrey Throwell 2016 (6:00)

The Provisional Adoration is Throwell's third piece in a series of reinterpretations of classic works by masters. Stolen by the Sicilian mafia in 1969 from the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo, Italy - this piece is still missing. Considered one of Caravaggio's best works, it is the most expensive painting in history. In this video, Throwell extrapolates the subtext of the painting and gives voice to the sensual suggestions underlying the work. Half fetish film, half high art. Half fun and half love letter to the master.

The Land Before Time Suzy Vogenthol & Julia Zinn 2016 (3:00)
Near the end of the Cretaceous, a series of sadomasochistic events cause Parts and Objects to engage with parts, resulting in pain and fun.

onthetv4 Fragmented Body 2016 (4:20)

Fragmented Body explores the boundaries between formal minimalism and fetish video. Turn the over burner to high and hold me close.

China bans "erotic" banana-eating live streams RVL 2016 (6:00)
A response to the stigma of messy eating. Excerpts from Savage Necessities Miles Pflanz 2012 (6:50)
Four women wrestle in $100 worth of pennies in protest of economic precarity, joylessness, and drudgery. Savage Necessities has enjoyed cult popularity since released and has screened in festivals from Russia to Cuba, on Berkley cable access, and recently reached 100,000 views on Vimeo.

Business Crush Isabel Frances McGuire 2016 (4:14)

"You step into the theater. You are at an artist's talk at some institution for some big name art bro and it's time for the Q&A.; Fed up with the undertones of misogyny and unbecoming lack of awareness on behalf of the artist, you raise your hand. Someone gives you a microphone and you ask him some HARD PRESSING questions. The two of you argue while the audience of bored students goes on Instagram. You finall say over the mic, "The power dynamic of a Q&A; isn't really my cup of tea... Let's talk after." He says, "Fine." You meet up at a coffee shop and fight HARD. He never falters or gives up. He always thinks he's right. He says things along the lines of "I understand what you mean, but you're really not getting the point." And "Okay, but i can use anyone's image if they put it on the internet." You're so stressed, but you invite him to your house anyway. He enters and see that you have a dog kennel, but no dog. He says, "Is that for you, you fucking bitch?" You nod and say, "Yes, sir." - Isabel Frances McGuire

Cyclical Sisters Sophia Park 2015 (6:00)

Documents three women on a trip to the mall.

Self Love Ritual Lena Marquise 2016 (5:43)

Self Love Ritual is a film directed and edited by Lena Marquise that depicts a woman (Seraph the muse) in varying stages of ritualistic preparation for self love and a fantastical male presence (Rhetor the narrator) that seemingly governs her actions. It is intentionally difficult to distinguish who is fantasizing about whom; the fantasy and reality interchangeable depending on the viewer's perspective.

TBA films by Providence's Victory Pearl and athlete Sean B.

Schedule subject to change.

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