"At its heart, it was an experimental film festival, complete with intelligent lectures from historians, artists and former TED Talk lecturers." - Mashable

"...the main intention of the festival? To elevate the conversation surrounding adult entertainment to a higher plane, removed from the isolating nature of a computer screen." - Huffington Post


The inaugural 2015 NYC Porn Film Festival exploded onto the NYC events calendar. The high-spirited festival brought veteran and amateur directors alike into the spotlight; featuring the work of actor James Franco, artist Amalia Ulman, and iconic cult kink director Richard Kern.


The festival is committed to bringing the best and most diverse body of work to New York City as a platform for both established and emerging talent.

We aim to give credit to adult film as a significant and socially/culturally relevant art form. We are an open submission porn film festival, so we invited everyone & anyone to submit their creations to premiere their work to the industry and general public.

The festival will present how emerging, hip, tech savvy producers engage their audiences through these new technologies, as well as, showcase innovative ways of working in porno.

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